Shelby + Jake

Earlier this month I got to do an engagement shoot for this sweet couple, Jake + Shelby. A pretty San Diego afternoon that ended in a cacti garden with a dreamy For Love and Lemons dress..(insert heart eye emoji here).. this shoot was a fav- it's always a good time when you get to work with a rad couple

P.S. check out more of Shelby's styling here . She has a fun blog filled with her outfitting.

Harley Grace Gallagher

I never got around to posting these on the blog... but now that Harley Grace is HERE.. a little reminiscing will have to do until I can meet her in person.

Back in March, my sister and I had the privilege of throwing a baby shower in NYC for one of our bestest friends in the world. It's crazy that one day we are all in high school and then before you know it, here we are - showering Keely and her growing babe with love. As if I even needed an excuse to visit NYC, I knew Keely's baby shower wasn't something I was going to miss. It was a perfect long weekend back in the city, and a perfect Saturday showering keely and her babe with snacks and presents.


Of course there was NO way I was leaving the city without getting a few photos of the pregnant mama and her man. They are brooklyn people, so no better place then my favorite park in Brooklyn (& lets be honest, it's probably everyone's favorite park.) Despite it being cold... no actually freezing... there is nothing better than this view so really how can you complain.

And after all this, I had to hop on a plane back to the west coast + watch Keely and her bump grow from afar. But then finally, this past Monday, Harley Grace Gallagher came into this world as perfect as can be. My heart is exploding to see my best friend become a mom. Most times in life, friends come and go with time. But Keely is an exception. She's a forever friend and it has been such a joy to have known her over the years. From seeing her get engaged, married, and now a become a mom I can't help but just feel overwhelmed with thankfulness to call her one of my very best friends.

AND OF COURSE I immediately booked a ticket to go back to NYC in June because I need to hold this sweet little babe. JUST LOOK AT HER. In the mean time, I'll be here, just staring at my text message feed of photos until I can meet her in 4 short (but long ugh) weeks!

So proud to have this little lady and her mama so close to my heart.

Introducing: The Wyrosdicks

Erin & Taylor | November 22

Erin & Taylor had a beautiful ceremony and reception in his parent's backyard this past November. Everything was so sweetly thought out and cared for. The day was overflowing with a contagious joy, you can just tell the love these two have for each other is so pure and genuine. Rain or shine, it was bound to be perfect and it truly was. It was such an honor to capture this day for them- their love was effortless which made my job easy :)


Introducing: Landon Carl Hixon

It is such a sweet thing to see one of your long time friends become a wife and then a mother! I've known Haleigh since I was in middle school and now here she is with her husband, Adam and their first baby, Landon. So much love for this family,  they bring me joy just by looking at em! 



our best friends got married this past weekend. <3 so much love for these two. 

The Wheatley's have a huge part of our heart. I first met Savannah when she came to visit Michael Dean in New York City. I loved her instantly. We took a bus to Boston that weekend & it was one of my favorite memories while living in NYC. Corey & I had just started dating so it was neat that they witnessed some of our first dates. Back in November, they came to Florida to celebrate our wedding & here we are in Charleston celebrating theirs :)



I also got to help with a little wedding prep. This was one of the signs I made for their beautiful day!

... & a little flashback to our Boston trip. Thee best <3

love these love birds <3




Since we just came up on our 6 month wedding anniversary (what!) I figured it would be a  good time to reflect on that day & share some of my favorite memories. 

Our photos were taken by the one and only Cook Images. I had the pleasure of interning for Jeremy when I lived in Florida.  If there's one thing I learned best from him & Tony, it's to have fun at work. Working isn't so bad when you love what you do and who you do it with! So thankful for my opportunity to work with them and so blessed by their photos of our day!


My dress was one of my favorite parts of the day :) I got it at Lovely Bride in New York City. They also did a feature on our wedding, which was sweet!


Our first look was one of my favorite moments. It definitely helped get rid of any anxiety or nervousness that day. It was such a special intimate moment to share together. We prayed over the journey we were about to embark on and got excited for the day to come. 

(5 of 25).jpg
(6 of 25).jpg

The bridesmaids walked down the aisle to our friends Scott & Matt who were also groomsmen playing the song Blood by The Middle East. Then Turning Page by Sleeping at Last when it was my turn!

(11 of 25).jpg
(14 of 25).jpg
(21 of 25).jpg

Our reception was also supposed to be outside, but after a rainy weekend and a possibility of rain that afternoon, we decided to move it inside. Of course, it never even ended up raining but I loved how our indoor reception turned out. It was so cozy. The decor was done by Mégan K. Events. They did such a beautiful job tying up our loose ends and bringing everything together to make such gorgeous tables and decor all around!!

My mom & aunt made cakes for every single table, so guests could go around and pick their favorite flavor :)

(25 of 25).jpg

We danced to Lover's Waltz by A.A. Bondy for our first dance....

& then the real dance party got started...


& we're off! The groomsmen left our car with the gas light on, so the first thing we did as husband & wife was go to the gas station.

It was the most perfect day, & thankfully we had two very creative and talented people there to film it as well. Here is a little peak at what our day was like in live action :

Shout out to Caleb Pierce & Colby Shelton for capturing our day on film so perfectly!!!


Our Engagement & other things

One year ago today my best friend became my fiancé.

On April 21st, 2013, Corey and I were out and about just enjoying a lovely day in the city. We ended up at Central Park, where we often went on many dates. Before I knew it, we walked into our little field we would always go to. There was a blanket set up surrounded by photos of us from all our little adventures together. He got down on one knee, proposed, then got up and told me all these sweet things he was supposed to say before he proposed. He was so nervous, I remember being able to feel his heart beating out of his chest as he held me close. Some of our closest friends jumped out from around the corner and I was just in shock. That whole day was a blur, a good & perfect blur! - I just wish I could relive it and take it all in once again. My sister had planned a lovely brunch for us to celebrate our engagement at the Boathouse in Central Park. My dream come true!


Becoming a bride was so fun! The first thing I did was make dress appointments. Conveniently my mom & aunt were coming in town the next weekend or so. I made appointments at a few different bridal shops, but I had a feeling I would find my dress at this one little bridal shop in a brownstone in the West Village called Lovely Bride. We went there first & I told my consultant that I was looking for something with a soft, romantic, vintage feel. Lace was a must, maybe something with an interesting back detail, something that would make me feel like a bride. She pulled a few dresses and one in particular stood out. I tried the perfect little lace dress with a sweetheart neckline with a lace overlay on & it was the one! I tried more on, but my heart was set on that very first one. I slipped it back on & sure enough- it was mine.


My dress has arrived~!!


taking it to the tailor! My dress ended up being a size too big, so there were many appointments!


Wearing a veil was a last minute decision. (Like very last minute... days before my wedding) I tried them on at my previous appointments but thought I didn't want one. A few days before the wedding, my mom made us take one last trip to the bridal shop- just because we had to take in all the bridal moments that we could. We tried on veils, then realized how bride-y it made me look/ feel! I didn't even have my wedding dress with me. I'm pretty sure I was wearing yoga pants and holding up an iPhone photo to compare. So we walked out with a veil & a good memory of my last bit of bridal shopping. My mom helped me so much throughout all of the wedding planning process & I'm so glad we have these little memories to forever cherish.

We Did It!

Mr + Mrs Smith

November 17, 2013

Our wedding was the best day ever. Committing to each other for the rest of lives while surrounded by the ones we love most was just the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced. My love for this man is unexplainable. I'm honored to be his wife.


& some iPhone shots of the weekend :)

 Bachelorette Party in Downtown Pensacola!

Bachelorette Party in Downtown Pensacola!

 Bridesmaids brunch on the beach!

Bridesmaids brunch on the beach!


I feel so overwhelmed with love it is insane. Love from God, from Corey, our families, our bridal party, our friends- everyone. This day wouldn't have been possible without the love and support of those around us. We are so richly blessed.