Our Engagement & other things

One year ago today my best friend became my fiancé.

On April 21st, 2013, Corey and I were out and about just enjoying a lovely day in the city. We ended up at Central Park, where we often went on many dates. Before I knew it, we walked into our little field we would always go to. There was a blanket set up surrounded by photos of us from all our little adventures together. He got down on one knee, proposed, then got up and told me all these sweet things he was supposed to say before he proposed. He was so nervous, I remember being able to feel his heart beating out of his chest as he held me close. Some of our closest friends jumped out from around the corner and I was just in shock. That whole day was a blur, a good & perfect blur! - I just wish I could relive it and take it all in once again. My sister had planned a lovely brunch for us to celebrate our engagement at the Boathouse in Central Park. My dream come true!


Becoming a bride was so fun! The first thing I did was make dress appointments. Conveniently my mom & aunt were coming in town the next weekend or so. I made appointments at a few different bridal shops, but I had a feeling I would find my dress at this one little bridal shop in a brownstone in the West Village called Lovely Bride. We went there first & I told my consultant that I was looking for something with a soft, romantic, vintage feel. Lace was a must, maybe something with an interesting back detail, something that would make me feel like a bride. She pulled a few dresses and one in particular stood out. I tried the perfect little lace dress with a sweetheart neckline with a lace overlay on & it was the one! I tried more on, but my heart was set on that very first one. I slipped it back on & sure enough- it was mine.


My dress has arrived~!!


taking it to the tailor! My dress ended up being a size too big, so there were many appointments!


Wearing a veil was a last minute decision. (Like very last minute... days before my wedding) I tried them on at my previous appointments but thought I didn't want one. A few days before the wedding, my mom made us take one last trip to the bridal shop- just because we had to take in all the bridal moments that we could. We tried on veils, then realized how bride-y it made me look/ feel! I didn't even have my wedding dress with me. I'm pretty sure I was wearing yoga pants and holding up an iPhone photo to compare. So we walked out with a veil & a good memory of my last bit of bridal shopping. My mom helped me so much throughout all of the wedding planning process & I'm so glad we have these little memories to forever cherish.