Harley Grace Gallagher

I never got around to posting these on the blog... but now that Harley Grace is HERE.. a little reminiscing will have to do until I can meet her in person.

Back in March, my sister and I had the privilege of throwing a baby shower in NYC for one of our bestest friends in the world. It's crazy that one day we are all in high school and then before you know it, here we are - showering Keely and her growing babe with love. As if I even needed an excuse to visit NYC, I knew Keely's baby shower wasn't something I was going to miss. It was a perfect long weekend back in the city, and a perfect Saturday showering keely and her babe with snacks and presents.


Of course there was NO way I was leaving the city without getting a few photos of the pregnant mama and her man. They are brooklyn people, so no better place then my favorite park in Brooklyn (& lets be honest, it's probably everyone's favorite park.) Despite it being cold... no actually freezing... there is nothing better than this view so really how can you complain.

And after all this, I had to hop on a plane back to the west coast + watch Keely and her bump grow from afar. But then finally, this past Monday, Harley Grace Gallagher came into this world as perfect as can be. My heart is exploding to see my best friend become a mom. Most times in life, friends come and go with time. But Keely is an exception. She's a forever friend and it has been such a joy to have known her over the years. From seeing her get engaged, married, and now a become a mom I can't help but just feel overwhelmed with thankfulness to call her one of my very best friends.

AND OF COURSE I immediately booked a ticket to go back to NYC in June because I need to hold this sweet little babe. JUST LOOK AT HER. In the mean time, I'll be here, just staring at my text message feed of photos until I can meet her in 4 short (but long ugh) weeks!

So proud to have this little lady and her mama so close to my heart.